First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

As creators, we dance through time and space. Each brush stroke contains the emotions that flowed in your hands the second paint touched the paper. The truth in an artwork is the ability to maintain the focus of mood. A childish wonder belies the years of preparation it take to achieve this consistency. It is the difference between a computer playing jazz and a master like Eubie Blake, whose fingers express subtleties of playing the silences between the notes. One heavy note in the wrong place and an insincerity is detected. Too much color upsets a delicate balance and the feeling is lost. Only time spent in practice and contemplation can develope intuitive sense of harmony. The work above, called “Still Waters” is the beginning of an unique personal style of painting. In future posts I’ll try to communicate my most ernest efforts so you’ll enjoy experiencing The Orange Universe.

Sarah Feragen


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